Secret Artist Western Black/Black Reversible Cloth Bandana Face Mask


  • Premium Soft Cotton
  • Made in USA
  • BANDANA FACE MASKS WITH EAR LOOPS- 2 SIZES AVAILABLE: Medium to large bandana cloth face mask and extra large and 2X-large bandana face mask. Our premium cotton face mask bandana with ear loops are washable and reusable. Secret Artist bandana face masks are proudly made in the USA!
  • REVERSIBLE, WASHABLE AND REUSABLE BANDANA CLOTH FACE MASKS: Designed with you in mind, you can easily flip our reusable cloth face mask from front to back and then from back to front- it’s 2 cloth face masks for the price of one! Our Secret Artist cloth face mask for complete nose and mouth protection is designed to cover and protect you and your family from from dust, germs and pollens.
  • BANDANA FACE MASK EAR LOOPS ARE MADE FROM PREMIUM SOFT COTTON: Your comfort and safety is our main concern. Our bandana face mask is soft, breathable and comfortable in any setting. Working in an office where cloth face masks are required, sitting on an airplane, shopping in a grocery store or doing errands;  our reusable and washable cloth face masks will aid and safeguard you and your family.
  • WASHABLE BANDANA FACE MASK FOR GERMS AND CONTAMINANTS: Reusable face masks are designed to wash and wear for multiple uses. Our premium cotton bandana cloth face masks are washable and dry-able and are made for longevity. Washable masks are cheaper than disposable masks and cloth face masks are better for the environment.
  • BANDANA MASK MADE IN USA: We’ve been making clothing in the USA for the past 20 years and have taken all of our combined textile experience to make a superior quality AMERICAN MADE- BANDANA FACE MASK.  We are honored to help you and your family safeguard from dust, germs and pollens with our unisex cloth face mask that’s designed for men’s cloth face masks, women’s cloth face masks and kid’s cloth face masks.

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